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Performing Umrah or Hajj are two of the most auspicious and happiest occasions for any Muslims. Every year, Muslims from around the world gather in the holy month of Zilhajj to perform Hajj and please Allah Almighty. Umrah, on the other hand is performed throughout the year.

While most of the time is spent in holy places or visiting historical places, once pilgrims return to their hotel room, they want to have a comfortable and sound sleep at night to get ready for the next day. It is crucial to have a comfortable room and a bed that lets you have a good night sleep for regaining the energy to continue with your religious duties. Cheap Hajj & Umrah realises the importance of good hotel rooms for pilgrims and only offer accommodation to its customers to hotels that are top class and up to the mark.

By sacrificing on a good hotel room to save a few extra pounds, you might end up in ruining the whole experience of Hajj or Umrah. Without having a peaceful sleep, it would be impossible to have energy and health to do tawaaf or perform other religious obligations of Umrah and Hajj.

TEach of our Umrah and Hajj packages constitutes of hotels that are considered some of the best in Makkah and Madinah. Your comfort and ease is our top priority. Depending on your budget, choose a hotel room that lets you have a sound sleep and works best for you. Each of the hotels in our packages are only five minutes away by foot from Khana Kaaba.

AIf you want to book a hotel room, you simply need to get in contact with our representatives and explain to them about the type of room you are looking for. Book a hotel room today with us.